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Singularity Academy's momentous visit to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (GZ)

Zurich and Guangzhou
April, 2024

In April 2024, Singularity Academy embarked on a significant voyage to underscore The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (GZ), where they forged meaningful cooperation in the areas of technology innovation, talent exchange, and academic collaboration. This visit, right after the visit of Professor Mingxuan Ni, the President of HKUST, in January this year, emphasised the importance of collaboration between countries and between two prestigious universities. 

For further collaboration, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ying Zhang and Dr. iur. Urs Lustenberger, President and Chair of the Board of Singularity Academy, visited HKUST. Emerging trends in #highereducation, the impact of technology revolutions and industrial changesglobal development, and international cooperation were all themes of enlightening discussion.

Through these engaging discussions, Singularity Academy and HKUST gained deeper insights and shared knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This fruitful exchange of ideas, with Singularity Academy's global presence and expertise in the latest technologies, not only provided crucial advice to HKUST but also laid the foundation for partnerships in talent development, research breakthroughs, and educational resource sharing. This collaborative effort promises a bright future for both institutions and the academic community at large.

Our visit enhanced the bond between the two institutions and preluded broader collaboration within the academic community. Singularity Academy and HKUST are dedicated to nurturing partnerships that cross geographical boundaries, encouraging innovation, and empowering the next generation of leaders in interdisciplinary education.

As we venture further into the frontiers of innovation, we are excited to share more updates on the fruitful collaborations between Singularity Academy and HKUST, which promise a bright future for both institutions and the academic community at large.

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