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Singularity Academy


Singularity Academy provides not only academic input and exchange, but also applications of academics in our various labs  (medical labs, well being labs, entrepreneurship labs). 

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Medical Lab

Verus Bonifatius Clinic

One of our featured medical and well-being clinics - Verus Bonifatius Clinic, located in Germany, has started to integrate medical knowledge, modern health care, TCM techniques to help patients embrace faster and thorough recovery. Our experts from both western medical field and Traditional  Chinese Medicine field work together, tailor-making treatment solutions for our patients' better health and condition.

Wellness Lab

Taichi Club

Taichi wellness club provides Qigong and Taichi practice to Singularity Academy members, along the program of TCM college and Verus Bonifatius daily programs. The aim of this club is as follows

Happiness is the New Rich​

Inner Peace is the New Success

Health is the New Wealth

Kindness is the New Cool

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Entrepreneurship Lab

The Entrepreneurship Club of Singularity Academy sisters with Strategic Swiss Partners, aiming to provide a venture capital platform and idea creation platform for Singularity Academy dreamers to access to our venture capital pool and mentors pool worldwide.

Research Lab

Identitat Global Forum and Singularity Academy Frontier Review act as the research and publication lab at Singularity Academy, helping our stakeholders better understand the most current global phenomena that shape our present and the future. Identitat Global Forum works with Singularity Academy's partners worldwide to organize dialogues to facilitate sustainability and intelligence.

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