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Singularity Academy visiting the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich,Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland 
14. Sept. 2023

On September 14, 2023, Singularity Academy and the SACC Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce jointly visited the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich, Switzerland. This event highlighted the importance of the Belt and Road initiative and commercial cooperation between Switzerland and Asia.

During this courtesy visit, Prof. Dr Ir. Ying Zhang from Singularity Academy (second from the left), the chairwoman of the Belt-Road-Initiative chapter and the country of Bhutan Kingdom in SACC, and Dr. Urs Lustenberger, the President of the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce (far right), Ms Barbara Moeckli-Schneider (far left), the secretary general of Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce, engaged in the warm and profound discussions with the Consul General Ms. CHEN Yun (second from the right) of the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich and Liechtenstein. They collectively explored the crucial role of the Belt and Road Initiative in promoting international cooperation and trade.

Participants also focused on business cooperation opportunities between Switzerland and Asia, particularly China. They shared the best practices in innovation to foster economic ties and cooperation, further strengthening the friendly relations between Switzerland and China.

Singularity Academy aims to nurture a new generation of young individuals with innovation and creativity, emphasizing humanistic thinking and care. Through more exchange activities, Singularity Academy hopes to help students understand international collaboration and development, discover their unique strengths, and realize their self-worth in this ever-changing world.

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