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Embracing Ancient Wisdom: Singularity Academy Explores Taoism Chinese Medicine

Xi'an, China
28, June. 2023

On June 28, 2023, a truly enlightening journey unfolded as Singularity Academy and its affiliated hospital, Verus Bonifatius Clinic based in Germany, embarked on a transformative visit to the sacred Taoism Ancestral Temple - Chongyang Temple. Together, we delved into the realm of Taoism Chinese Medicine, guided by the wisdom of Chief Taoist Deng Jiajun.

In the presence of Dr. Urs Lustneberger, CEO of VB Clinic, and Chief Taoist Deng Jiajun, the stage was set for a profound exchange of knowledge and insights.

The discussions revolved around the application and remarkable effectiveness of Taoism Traditional Medicine in treating diverse diseases, including mental health conditions and paralysis. We explored the ancient techniques and holistic approaches rooted in Taoist principles that hold immense potential for improving well-being and quality of life.

With a shared vision to promote Traditional Taoism Medicine to the world, Singularity Academy and Verus Bonifatius Clinic are committed to spreading awareness and unlocking the transformative power of this ancient healing practice. By bridging the gap between traditional wisdom and modern medicine, we aim to create a harmonious blend that benefits individuals worldwide.

Keep an eye out for more updates as we embark on this remarkable trip, unveiling the wonders of Taoism Chinese Medicine and promoting a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

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