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Singularity Education

This planet's future is in the hands of the future of education.

The future of education is on the path of revolution

Singularity Education respects each one's talent and potential and contributes to the educational revolution


Starting from the early stage

  • K-12 Education

  • Higher Education

  • Continuous Education


We provide truly customized singularity education.

Each of our Singularity Academy's candidates receives a tailor-made educational package based on individualized analysis, educational diagnoses, and educational prescriptions. 


Singularity Academy's Tailor-Made Education


Academic Sphere (inclusive themes)


Portfolio Sphere (inclusive themes)


Practice (inclusive themes)


The successful graduates receive degrees as follows

*Bachelor of Singularity


*Master of Singularity


*Doctor of Singularity

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Education Goal

Moving learning from memorization to perception
Integrating subjects beyond the combination
Bringing a sense of inquiry into education
Establishing humanity as the core value of education

Education Method

  • Each student has his/her singular position to achieve his/her infinite potential.

  • Using singular big data and selective mentors to coach each student to seek his/her unique singularity inflection via a customized singularity path.  

  • Each emerged singularity path has to pass through a process of the description-analysis-prescription stage, where customized design-disruption-creation is involved.  No universal and standardised formulas are applied; each student is unique with a unique path.

  • Joint efforts from cross-disciplinary collaboration to facilitate to sense each student’s singularity compass.

Library_Singularity Academy

Singularity Education takes humanity as the education center and other subjects as the parameters to enrich each human being's brain and soul.


Humanity-Centered Singularity Education Formula




Physio-psycho well-being







Singularity Academy_Education Structure
Online Learning_Singularity Academy

An Example of Discussion # Singularity Academy's Plaza 

In Singularity Academy's Discussion-Debate Plaza, we often guide students/participants via discussions and debates on various social-economic-ecological phenomena. The purpose is to motivate students to recap the historical lessons, to understand and better handle different levels of relationships in the universe (with various energy levels), and to identify their roles/identities in humanity's progress. Here below are some examples of questions we often discuss with our students to help them identify their singular point//time and help them shape up their customized educational package.


  • How do you see the future of human beings?

  • How do you see democracy in the light of its world leader the USA trying everything to kill it? 

  • Are there alternatives in China's or Russia's or India's increasingly autocratic and polarising systems? 

  • Are there any better options to integrate the world faster and prevent human beings to be extinct from the earth, from the perspectives of economic-business, institutional, and ecological systems? 

  • How do you understand your role in any of these systems and to what extent are you motivated to fulfill such a role? If yes, what is your role? If not, what is your plan to identify your role? 

What's wrong with our education and world? 
Education Problems found by Singularity Academy
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