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Miriam Burgauner_Singularity Academy

Dr. med. Miriam Burgauner

Dr. med. Miriam Burgauner joined Singularity Academy as a Chair Fellow of Singularity Academy’s Psychology & Wellbeing Spaceship in teaching, coaching, studying and researching.


Dr. med. Miriam Burgauner is a psychiatrist and psychotherapeutic practitioner. She has year-long experience as head of a psychosomatic department, leading a team of 15 psychologists and five physicians and music, dance, and animal-assisted therapy for about 120 patients in a rehab clinic in northern Germany. She most of all values sharing all the individual processes with her patients as a main solitary task. One of her favourite daily routines is teaching and supervising her team members in psychotherapeutic issues.


Training psychologists at different schools, Dr. med. Miriam Burgauner developed a broad knowledge of different psychotherapeutic approaches. She started her professional education with three entire years of full-time yoga training with personal students of Dr. B.K.S. lyengar. She accomplished her medical degree at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and focused on self-knowledge and practical experience in the body-emotion-mind-soul-unity and mutual interaction. She is an expert in acute psychiatric and psychotherapeutic skills, including Depth Psychology, Hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson, Group Analysis and Group-Psychotherapy - D3G. In addition, she got training in the basic and advanced courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Prof. Johannes Greten in Heidelberg, on the thesis of stem cell mobilization after classical acupuncture treatment on spinal cord injury.

Next to her clinical work, Dr. med. Burgauner contributes to society by providing her professional medical reports as a psychiatric expert for the social court and peer-reviewing the medical information of others. 


Coming from an artist family, Dr. med. Burgauner enjoys lifelong support on contemplative approaches and socially relevant expression. She collaborates in cinematic art on psychiatric issues and is involved in the animal rights movement. She emphasizes the importance of continuous personal growth and development to enable strong empathy, sensitivity and resilience/strength as a base of self-determined living, expression and flourishing exchange. 


Dr. med. Burgauner has two therapy dogs, Tara and Jax, who help her create and maintain a well-grounded, heartfelt environment, which invites people to drop what they are not but also enhances the journey towards a healthier society.

"Sharing the same value and merit, Singularity Academy is very proud to have Dr. med. Burgauner as our key member in the Psychology & Wellbeing Spaceship of Singularity Academy.", noted by the board of Singularity Academy.

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