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 Health Care Department 

The Homeo-stasis ​of Emotion-Cognition-Motivation-Action Cycle  

At Singularity Academy, we make effort to help participants firstly create/embrace /maintain healthy homeostasis of emotion-cognition-motivation-action cycle, so that enables our participants to seek their internal singular point with sufficient internal power. In this process, we involve health wisdom from both East and West and allow participants to try a diversified wellness approach.  

Singularity Academy Health Care Department 

​At Singularity Academy, we empower health coaches to discuss and distribute their approaches and methods with participants and peers, online and offline. 

Singularity Academy 
​Mental Health Webinars


"Love - Life"

December 7. 2021


Through theoretical content combined with practical exercises, we would like to give you a pre-Christmas gift with the theme of LOVE.


Stress Management through Mindfulness

November 20, 2021

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

"Magic of Encounter"

November 2. 2021 


To register,

you are welcome to contact us via phone and email.

+496648 - 911 08 0

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