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Singularity Academy's momentous visit to Uzbekistan


Tashkent, Uzbekistan
May, 2024

Uzbekistan: A Dynamic Nation at the Heart of the Silk Road


Uzbekistan, a country celebrated for its strategic location on the ancient Silk Road, bridges the East and the West, offering a unique blend of cultures and a rich historical tapestry. As Central Asia's most populous country, Uzbekistan boasts a dynamic economy, diverse cultural heritage, and a pivotal role in regional connectivity and cooperation. The nation's commitment to economic development and international partnership shines through its extensive infrastructure projects and growing sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and technology.


Fergana Region, Uzbekistan – A Key Player in Central Asia's Economic and Cultural Landscape


Nestled in the eastern part of Uzbekistan, the Fergana Valley is renowned for its dense population and economic vitality within Central Asia. Serving as a crucial agricultural hub surrounded by stunning mountainous terrain, the region boasts a rich cultural heritage and significant industrial output. Fergana city, the administrative heart of the region, plays a pivotal role in regional arts, commerce, and educational exchanges.



On Monday, May 13, 2024, a distinguished delegation from Singularity Academy, led by Ms. Gulnara Salimova, Chairwoman of the Uzbek Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland, and including key members such as Prof. Dr. Ying Zhang, Dr. Urs Lustenberger, and Asian desk specialists Mr. Yuchen Wang and Mr. Kai Kang, engaged in strategic talks with Fergana’s senior government officials. The discussions with Mr. Khayrullo Kh. Bozarov, Governor of Fergana, and Mr. Nuriddin Mamajonov, Deputy Governor, focused on deepening economic ties and exploring new business opportunities in sectors such as technology and agriculture between Uzbekistan and Switzerland. These discussions also highlighted the critical role of education in fostering cultural understanding and facilitating economic collaboration.


The delegation's visit included a comprehensive tour of the region's key cultural and economic sites. At the historic Kokand Palace and Museum, they delved into the area's rich historical narratives, enhancing their appreciation of Uzbekistan's cultural depth. Tours of local fruit farms and factories provided firsthand insights into the region's robust agricultural sector, with conversations emphasizing the potential for boosting international trade and cooperation.


Continuing their mission, on May 15, 2024, the team, accompanied by Ms. Salimova, traveled to Tashkent for a strategic dialogue with Mr. Farkhodjon Tashpulatov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health. This meeting centered on advancing healthcare initiatives and exploring innovative solutions to improve health outcomes for the populations of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The discussions also touched on the educational aspects of health, seeking to establish a foundation for sustained improvements through collaborative efforts and the exchange of expert knowledge.


This series of engagements underscores a significant commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and enhancing economic, health, and educational exchanges, which are expected to yield substantial benefits for both regions in the coming years.

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