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ZHU Qiyu_Singularity Academy

Mr. ZHU Qiyu

In July 2023, Mr. Zhu Qiyu joined Singularity Academy as a fellow on the theme of Chinese Traditional Art.

Zhu Qiyu was born in 1980 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, and currently resides there. He goes by the pseudonyms "Er Chi Tai" and "Tun Xi Tang" and has also used the aliases "Ge Zhu" and "Tian Yi." He is a freelance designer and professional calligrapher.

Zhu Qiyu is a member of the Shaanxi Artists Association and the Xi'an Calligraphers Association. He also serves as a council member of the Lianhu District Artists Association in Xi'an.

Since his childhood, Zhu Qiyu has been studying traditional painting and calligraphy. His works cover many subjects and primarily adhere to traditional ink and brush styles. He emphasizes expressing ideas and the artistic essence in his works without being confined to a fixed manner.

His works are widely collected by art enthusiasts worldwide.

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