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Bachelor Program of Singularity 

Singularity Academy offers an innovative bachelor program to nourish singularity students to be themselves and to be more connected to their communities as new universe citizens. 


Via a series of holistic analyses for each student, Singularity Academy provides a tailor-made undergraduate program with a specific educational prescription. In this sense, each student would embrace their customised curriculum and always be aware of their singular development point. Singularity Academy equips each student with truly integrative cross-disciplinary knowledge and practice, with the foundation of humanity and sustainability, practice and academia, and inner and outer worlds. 


Students will embrace their singularity program with their study and practice pace by following the singularity educational approach. A Bachelor's Degree in Singularity will be issued once the student meets 180 ECTS study credits. 


Singularity Academy provides a distinguished platform, from educational consulting to education prescription, training, and innovation incubation. Singularity Academy aims to shape students to be responsible entrepreneurs for the planet Earth and the Universe, offering a lifelong learning platform and providing contribution and wisdom to the future of the Earth. 


Students who are eligible to apply must have completed their high school education. 

To apply for the program Bachelor of Singularity, please send your resume and cover letter to

Singularity Academy follows a customised program and singular educational approach; therefore, enrollment for each candidate in terms of timing and themes differs. But the application is open throughout the whole year.  

​Application Fee: 1000 CHF 

​Tuition Fee: 32,000 CHF / Bachelor program

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