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Spaceships_singularity academy


Singularity Academy has several featured colleges, with the concept of singularity education on tailor made life-long  education 


*K-12 Education, focusing on young generation's pre-adult education 

* Singularity tertiary education, focusing on customized lifelong higher education 

*Continuous education, in different subjects 

*Singularity-affilated Clinics and Labs

Education Principles


  • Each student has his/her singular position to achieve his/her infinite potential. 

  • Using singular big data and selective mentors to coach each student to seek for his/her unique singularity inflection via a customized singularity path.  

  • Each emerged singularity path has to pass through a process of description-analysis-prescription stage, where customised design-disruption-creation is involved.  No universal and standardised formulas are applied; each student is unique with a unique path. 

  • Joint efforts from cross-disciplinary collaboration to facilitate to sense each student’s singularity compass. 

Education Structure

Eudcation Structure_Singularity Academy
Spaceship_Singularity Academy
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