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TANG Tiejun

Dr. Tiejun TANG

Tang Tiejun is a fellow and Dean of TCM college in Singularity Academy, with expertise in medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Dr. Tang received his Ph.D. training in traditional Chinese medicine and postdoctoral researcher in integrated
traditional Chinese medicine from China. He graduated from the Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine, First Military Medical University, and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate degree, respectively. He has been practicing TCM in the UK since 2005. He has been engaged in clinical teaching of traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at Middlesex University in London for more than ten years. Engaged in TCM teaching and research work for 38 years. He is currently the Dean of TCM College of Singularity Academy, the President of the Chinese Medicine Alliance (CMA), and Vice Chairman of the Special Committee of Epidemic Disease of WFCMS. He published more than 70 academic papers in Chinese and English. He is now practicing on Harley Street in the center of
London, and he is also teaching in many Chinese medical schools in the UK and Europe.

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