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Singularity Academy Frontier Review

Singularity Academy Frontier Review intends to promote the result of cross-disciplinary collaboration at Singularity Academy and stimulate the discussion on the issues raised. The academic and practice are discussed, engaging in sustainability, medical care, economics, sociology, law, artificial intelligence, innovation, geo-political relationship, physics, theology, wellbeing, the discovery of the universe, and so on.

Singularity Academy Frontier Review wishes to grow your positive visions, ideas, innovation, and actions for the universe and help you grow your wisdom beyond excellence.

Singularity Academy Frontier Review / ISSN: 2813-3641

Grow Your Wisdom beyond Excellence

Your positive visions, ideas, innovation, and actions for the universe and sustainable development deserved to be studied and and imprinted.

Recent Publications

From Shadows to Light: Dr. Miriam Burgauner’s Journey into Healing and Connection---An Interview Summary with Dr. Miriam Burgauner

Feb. 2024

This article presents a comprehensive interview summary with Dr. Miriam Burgauner, a clinical psychiatrist based in Germany, conducted by Singularity Academy in late 2023. Dr Burgauner shares insights into her journey into psychiatry, her motivations to become a psychotherapist, and her experiences in confronting the stigma surrounding mental health. The interview also delves into the impact of strained family dynamics on mental health, strategies for navigating psychological challenges in youth related to digitalization, and the complex landscape of modern society's influence on mental health across age groups. Dr Burgauner explores the paradox of increasing loneliness despite digital connections, emphasizing the importance of physical connection for genuine well-being. 


The Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Fog of Covid 19 Survivors: An Alternative View from Traditional Chinese Medicine

April 2022

Brain Fog, as a new syndrome, with the symptoms of slowed-down cognitive response, memory loss, inability to concentrate, or/and the symptoms of dizziness and sleep disturbance, are commonly observed and considered as the consequence of long Covid. Studies on this new syndrome are few, but the number of patients has kept rising, along with the increasing infection of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Brain Fog has, therefore, developed as one of the biggest crises in the modern medical system and a constant threat to the well-being of contemporary society. Following the previous studies, we aim to provide an alternative and supplement view in diagnosing and treating Brain Fog from the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, with a list of TCM treatment approaches (including Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Dietary conditions, and others), based on the TCM theory that implies Brain Fog origins from the heart, appears in the brain. Our proposed TCM treatment applies the principle of combining heart and brain, nourishing the heart, tranquilizing the mind, clearing orifices, and refreshing the brain. Together with the proposed TCM treatments, we expect this paper to bring an alternative understanding of Brain Fog and an economic healing approach to help Covid-19 survivors improve their well-being.


When it Comes to Financial Inclusion, We cannot Afford to Leave the Vulnerable Behind

June 2022

Being inclusive in financial access and application (especially for all developing countries) is essential in reaching overarching sustainability globally. Singularity Academy believes that this essay by Ikram Sehgal can shed new light on an innovative leapfrogging model to sustainability, which many other developing countries could replicate in their corresponding sectors.


Learning Process and Success in Education

July 2022

Education psychology is a field studying how people learn and retain knowledge. It aims to improve the learning process and promote educational success for all students, with various teaching methods, instructional approaches, and individual differences in learning. Several theories/perspectives in educational psychology influence educators and institutions to do educational development.


Bring Humanity into AI and Education

August 2022

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) with intelligent machine learning has helped humans achieve higher performance in various sectors, with more thoughtful decision-making and brilliant execution. AI has liberalized much of the human workforce and brought humans more capacity. AI, using big data as the resource and applying machine learning as a method, has affected the economic structure of the society that we live in and the social-legal foundations of civilization that we built up for thousands of years. Despite so, a new paradox appears: AI seems an arm to us but might be a force to extinct us.


The Idea of Acupuncture Treatment for Tension Headache

October. 2022

紧张性头痛是临床最常见的病症,任何年龄均可发病,女性多以男性。本病的诊断要点:多数为慢性发作,起病缓慢;其发作与精神紧张、激动、失眠、焦虑等因素有 关;头痛的部位多位于颞部、额部、顶部和枕部;头痛的性质为钝痛、胀痛,持续性 疼痛,常伴有压迫感、沉重感、紧箍感、麻木感;在头项部可触及压痛点,头项部和 肩背部肌肉僵硬。紧张性头痛属于慢性头痛,其发作多以内因为主,即与内脏功能失 调有关;头又位于人体的最上部,最易感受外邪,所以在治疗时我通常以内脏辩证论 治为主,经络辨证驱邪通经为辅的方法。本文重点阐述针灸治疗紧张性头痛的三种方法:调肝法, 化痰法,补虚法。


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