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Walking through Europe with the right Legal and Educational Instrument 

January. 11. 2022

With the invitation from Shenzhen Hua Shang Law Firm and Shenzhen Law Society, Singularity Academy and Lustenberger Law Firm jointly provided an online seminar on January 11th, 2022, to attorneys and legal stakeholders from Shenzhen, China, discussing how to Walk Through Europe with the Right Legal and Educational instrument.



















Prof. Zhang, the president of Singularity Academy, did an overview of the global education sector and pointed out the urgency to revolutionize education methods in order to better serve stakeholders in seeking educational packages for their international human capital.


Dr. Lustenberger, the name partner of Lustenberger Law Firm in Zurich, presented the comparison of Chinese investment in European countries and approaches in gaining tax citizenship, by considering the ongoing global geopolitical relationship and international economic picture.


The participants are mainly from China. The questions at the end of the seminar are more about the impact of the EU-China relationship on Chinese investment abroad.








Shenzhen-Zurich Seminar_Singularity Academy
Shenzhen-Zurich Seminar_Singularity Academy
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