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Singularity Academy

Singularity Academy, headquartered in Zurich, with campuses across the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, is a newly developed hybrid University that aims to provide students with a unique platform with peers in knowledge learning, exchange, and wisdom up- and download across the multi-level and cross-disciplinary field. Singularity Academy gathers world-level gurus, masters, and mentors to share their insights and knowledge online and offline to assist each student in integrating knowledge from education, frontier research, and best practice, cross-disciplinary, and inner-and-outer spheres with the tenet of humanity and sustainability. Singularity Academy's education creates a non-conventional education system to help people find their singular point/moment for their singularly sustainable and infinite growth, with force to positive change in the community and the planet.

Singularity Academy, built on singularity and its derived concept of singularity education, is dedicated to the positive education revolution and healthcare improvement. Singularity Academy aims to help people identify their singular point/moment for their humanity-centred sustainable, and infinite growth path.  

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All Videos

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