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Singularity Academy, headquartered in Zurich, with campuses across the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, is a newly developed online and offline University that aims to provide students with a unique platform with peers in knowledge transfer and wisdom exchange across multi-level and cross-disciplinary sectors. Singularity Academy gathers world-level gurus, masters, and mentors to share their insights and knowledge online and offline in order to assist each student to integrate knowledge from Education, Research, and Practice, cross-disciplinary, and inner-and-outer spheres with the tenet of humanity and sustainability. Singularity Academy's education creates a non-conventional education system to effectively help people find their singular point/moment for their specific singularly sustainable and infinite growth, with a force to positive change in the community and the planet.



Singularity Academy is an innovative institute based on the concept of Singularity. Singularity is a system, a point, a moment, and a position, where a small change and configuration can bring a large effect that leads a subject to the development of infinity and advance with continuous unlimited progress. Singularity is everywhere and can apply beyond, for example, in the education sector to facilitate the transformation and benefit more generations. One who engages the singularity path is able to make an impact on a more healthy and flourishing environment where humanity's seed can grow freely on a genuinely eco-equal-thriving planet with other species and creatures. 


Singularity Academy, supported by tailor-making edu-approach, embraces a mission to help you identify your humanity-centered singular point and singular growth path.


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Singularity Academy Frontier Review

a journal bringing you to a new field

Latest News

Rank on the SCMP Switzerland Country Report

Singularity Academy is very proud to become one of the selected Swiss Business Innovation Representatives and the only educational innovator by South China Morning Post SCMP in Switzerland Country Report for the vision and mission of Singularity Academy to impart individualized education with humanity at the core.

Singularity Academy as one of the co-organizers of World Young Scientist Summit

World Young Scientist Summit 2022 European Event will be launched in Brussels on November 9. 2022. Singularity Academy is very honored to be part of it as a co-organizer. 

Marte Meo Method at Singularity Academy

On Oct. 15th, 2022, Singularity Academy, together with Verus Bonifaitus Clinic, organized a one-day workshop about marte meo method at Bad Salzchlirf, Germany. The founder of marte meo method, Mrs. Maria Aarts, delivered comprehensive and updated research about marte meo method's application in different sectors.

The participants include medical staff, medical doctors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

Prof. HE Shuhuai's TCM Seminar

Oct. 9. 2022. Prof. HE Shuhuai, the honorary Dean of Singularity Academy's TCM college, joined the Italian Academic TCM Conference in Rome and offered a seminar on the theme of “acupuncture practice in treating depression and the application of the Huatuo Jiaji approach". The conference had participants of medical doctors from both Italy and China.

Singularity Academy's
New Book

We are pleased to announce that Singularity Academy's new book "Mental Health, Psychiatric Disorders, and the Implications of Long Covid-19", written by Prof. Ying Zhang, was published globally in digital and in print on Oct 1. 2022. This book presents an alternative medical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbal medicine), in effectively (in terms of treatment cost and treatment performance) dealing with psychiatric disorders and the consequences on the mental health of long Covid-19.

Seminar on
Singularity Academy's Educational Approach

On July 24, 2022, eighteen school principals from various provinces in China convened online to learn about Singularity Academy’s unique views on education transformation and psychology.

In the online lecture, Dr. Ying Zhang, the President of Singularity Academy, called attention to the existential crisis faced by the modern educational system, as student depression and failure rates continue to grow while education content becomes detached from the very purpose of education itself. The situation is particularly acute in Asia, where students generally face an existential crisis before mounting pressure.

A humanity-centered singularity education offers a way out. Dr. Zhang indicated that a system-wide reform should begin with the school principals in the audience, who should initiate reforms within their own “small institutions.”

Apart from the necessity to know child psychology & education psychology, Zhang advocated for reform within school staff to realize the potential of every teacher, bridging the widening gap between the purpose and content of education.

Ikram Sehgal appointed as Singularity Academy's Honroary Senior Fellow

We are pleased to announce that Ikram Sehgal will join Singularity Academy as our Honorary Senior Fellow.
A graduate of Pakistan Military Academy, Mr. Sehgal has pursued a truly interdisciplinary path following his military career, taking up a wide multitude of functions, including the director of Bank Alfalah Ltd, the chairman of K-Electric, and the director of EastWest Institute. 
Mr. Sehgal is also a foundation member of the World Economic Forum and currently serves as the chairman of Pathfinder Group Pakistan and the chairman of Karachi Council on Foreign Relations. 
A patriot long engaged with the issues of poverty and the underbanked, Mr. Sehgal is a perfect choice as Singularity Academy’s Honorary Senior Fellow. In this role, Mr. Sehgal will mentor Singularity Academy’s students and promote singularity education in Pakistan and worldwide.  

Davos 2022 Sustainability Forum

With less than ten years to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, it is crucial to balance our human aspirations with the planet’s ability to sustain them. The Sustainable Development Approach sets the urgency for world leaders to strike a balance between economic, social, and environmental elements when achieving economic development. All states are called upon equally to play their part in finding shared solutions to the world's urgent challenges. Lots of actions have been taken, but a great deal remains to be done – and there is no time to wait.

A latest Study carried at Singularity Academy about Diagnosing and Treating Brain Fog

On april 18th 2022, Prof. dr. TANG Tiejun and Prof. dr. ZHANG Ying work published a study of "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Fog of Covid 19 Survivors An Alternative View from Traditional Chinese Medicine". This study, together with the proposed TCM treatments, expects to bring an alternative understanding of Brain Fog and an economic healing approach to help Covid-19 survivors improve their well-being.

Call for Research Papers

Singularity Academy, collaborating with Frontiers, set up a new research track, studying the topic of "Disruption of Covid-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Sustainability (Via Economic-Social & Legal arms of institutional change)".Contributions are welcomed from practitioners and academics.  

Webinar with Shenzhen 

With the invitation from Shenzhen Hua Shang Law Firm and Shenzhen Law Society, Singularity Academy and Lustenberger Law Firm jointly provided an online seminar on January 11th, 2022, to attorneys and legal stakeholders from Shenzhen, China, discussing how to Walk Through Europe with the Right Legal and Educational instrument. 

Singularity TCM Webinars



Singularity Academy TCM College, besides regular TCM education and training, also provides season seminars for TCM practitioners on various themes and subjects.  From April to June 2021, Singularity Academy TCM College has prof. HE Shuhuai to share his acupuncture knowledge and experience with all the other fellows around the world.

Sustainability: What do you know and How can you do

Singularity Academy, collaborating with the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce, set up a series of webinars on the topic of sustainability. The first webinar is on Oct. 27th,  Zurich. The second onsite / webinar is on  22-26 May during World Economic Forum, in Davos.  

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