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Singularity Academy, headquartered in Zurich, with campuses across the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, is a newly developed hybrid research and educational institute that aims to provide students and audiences with a unique platform for knowledge learning, exchange, and wisdom across multi-level and cross-disciplinary fields. Singularity Academy gathers world-level gurus, masters, and mentors to share their insights and knowledge online and offline. It assists each Singularity Academy member in integrating knowledge from education, frontier research, and best practices with the tenets of humanity and sustainability. Singularity Academy creates a non-conventional education system dedicated to a positive education revolution and healthcare improvement. Singularity Academy helps its members identify their singular point/moment for their humanity-centred, sustainable, and infinite growth.


Singularity Academy is one of the most innovative educational institutes based on the concept of Singularity. Singularity is a system, a point, a moment, and a position where a small change and configuration can bring a large effect that leads a subject to the development of infinity and advance with continuous unlimited progress. Singularity is everywhere and can be applied beyond, for example, in the education sector to facilitate the transformation and benefit more generations. One who engages the singularity path can impact a healthier and flourishing environment where humanity's seed can grow freely on a genuinely eco-equal-thriving planet with other species and creatures. 

Singularity Academy, supported by a tailor-making education approach, embraces a mission to help singularity members identify their humanity-centred singular growth path.

Singularity Academy has several different spaceships: entrepreneurship spaceship (including innovation club and investors pool), medical spaceship (including three acute hospitals), education spaceship (tailor-made bachelor, master, and doctor level of education), wellbeing spaceship (including TCM college and treatment), and publication house (publishing journals and books).

The Highlight of Singularity Academy
  • Featured by <New York Times> as the one Transforming Global Education in 2024

  • Recognised by <Higher Education Review> in 2024 as one of Switzerland's ten most promising universities and colleges.

  • Recognised  <South China Morning Post> in 2022 as Switzerland's most innovative education institute.

  • Co-partner of the World Young Scientists Summit.

  • Joining the Davos World Economic Forum each year, dedicated to fostering the education revolution in high-income countries and education evolution in lower-income countries.

  • Provides training and healing camps for parents and teachers in (educational) psychology area. 

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